The ADC-Bridge-TM developed by Ako-Tec is a system that is implemented worldwide to interface a Teleperm M/ME to other applications via the CS275 bus world.

The system supports the bidirectional Teleperm M/ME compliant data exchange and
the alarm and messages functions.

To connectmodern control systems safty and fast we have proprietary
and OPC DA/AE interface available. In addition, the ADC-Bridge controls also the
Data exchange between controllers (PLC's).

The ADC-Bridge-TM is used by many manufacturers of control systems as standard for system migrations!


ADC-Bridge-TM Topologie

Advatages of the ADC-Bridge-TM Systems:


-The fast integration of existing Teleperm systems into more modern
 automation concepts

-Cost-efficient sub-system exchange, i.e. migration to modern operating
 and monitoring systems

-Interfaces to modern control systems of different manufacturers

-Connection of Teleperm to PIM (Process-Information-Management),
  ERP (Enterprise-Resource-Planning) systems

-The modern windows-based user interface is simple to operate and enables
  an extensive overview as well as a user-friendly projection

It can be commissioned while the system is operating and without shut-down times

More information in PDF format:


ADC-Bridge-TM reference list

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2016-05-01 PROTOS 2.0 Update

Watch the following product video to get an full overwiew of the current PROTOS 2.0 features
PROTOS 2.0 Product video



2015-12-18 PD-Analyser - BATCH-

The new PD-Analyser version supports batch / batch management. Acceleration of the analysis functions by simple batch selection..



2015-12-16 New version of PROTOS 2.0 available

PROTOS-data collector:
Data acquisition via native access to the PCS7 database.


Web FrontEnd:
Implementation of new reports:
-graphical analysis
-performace level



2015-07-08 ADC-Bridge-TM is ready for Windows10

Released the latest ADC-Bridge-TM version for installation on Window 10 systems. The new version of the OPC server is also compatible with Window 10.



2014-10-26 Profibus-DP/PA Evaluations resp. error analysis

With the purchase of a new modern diagnostic tool for Profibus-DP/PA now enhanced analysis capabilities are available. In conjunction with the experience of our staff following analysis for documentation or troubleshooting / error analysis can be performed.