Specific project reports

Cylinder head gasket production line

The automobile manufacturers' demands on their suppliers in terms of cost, quality, reliable delivery and environmentally-friendly production processes are permanently increasing and are substantiated by ever stricter QM norms and audits.
Fertigungsanlage Zylinderkopfdichtungen
We were commissioned by one of the leading European automobile suppliers with the assignment of developing a system concept for the production of cylinder head gaskets, taking into consideration the predefined indicators and the investment security.

REFERENZ Fertigungsstra├če Zylinderkopfdichtung

Automotive paint-spraying line

Three production lines for the production of membrane memories were automated by
Ako-Tec AG for a leading supplier of automobile premium brands. It had no longer been possible to achieve the considerably increased throughput using the existing spraying system (immersion bath principle).


The targets for the concept development of a new spraying line were cost optimisation, as well as a simultaneous increase in quality and guaranteed environmental compatibility. Key aspects included securing the demanded quality, process reliability, operating ergonomics as well as environmental protection.

Ako-Tec AG was responsible for the overall technical concept, the definition of the interfaces, was involved in the selection of the suppliers and ultimately for handing over the fully-operational overall system.

The spraying system is designed for the individual handling of up to 2,000 different product types. Different norms, sizes, shapes, materials, etc. are individually taken into account.


The spraying line is fed fully-automatically by three production lines according to a "random principle". The load is additionally optimized according to the size of the membrane memories.

One of the conveyor belts can additionally be used for the manual feed of the membrane memories. The memories are conveyed in the spraying system using a conveyor adapter that is screwed on to the membrane memories and which serves as a protection against dirt and impurities once the item is discharged out of the spraying system.

REFERENZ Automotive Lackierstra├če


2018-07-11 ISO 9001:2015 implementation and certification

ISO 9001: 2015 - Successful System
conversion and recertification
by the DEKRA Certification GmbH.



2018-04-04 PROTOS 2.0 with new analyzing of the "Performance Level"

KPI- Analyzing of the Performance Level in relation to EEMUA 191 and ISA 18.2

PROTOS 2.0 Performance Level




2017-03-07 PROTOS 2.0 is ready for Marai-DB-Connectivity

The new version of PROTOS 2.0 supports new functionalities and the connectivity for Maria-DB to the customers.




2016-05-01 PROTOS 2.0 Update

Watch the following product video to get an full overwiew of the current PROTOS 2.0 features
PROTOS 2.0 Product video