PROTOS 2.0 enables alarms and messages from control systems and automation devices to be recorded, archived and analysed irrespective of the manufacturer.


The new PROTOS 2.0 is also suitable for replacing of alarm- protocol and message printer from older control systems. f.e. Siemens PT88, Siemens DR 235 N , etc.


The system is operated via the web-based FrontEnd, which features innovative functions for the analysis and displaying of alarms and messages. Overall, attention was particularly paid to the simple and intuitive user interface.


Whether KPI’s for the management or for OEE/GAE systems or detailed information for operators and maintenance, PROTOS 2.0 offers the right information for every user.


PROTOS 2.0 offers the following features:

„OnlineView“: The alarms and messages are displayed in their original reporting order. Individual settings allow the visualisation of the information to be adapted.


„Historical View“: Display of the alarms and messages within a selected time span. Via the filter and search options, any desired search requests can be generated. The search results can be exported.     


„Hit lists“: The creation of automatic, tag-based hit lists.


„Chattering (flicker) alarms“: The detection of so-called chattering (flicker) alarms. The definition of a chattering (flicker) alarm can be parameterised.


„Alarm/report duration“: Analysis of the duration of the report.


„Alarm/report statistics“: Automatic summation of alarms and/or messages within defined time spans.


„Trends“: Measurement point-related analysis of the frequency of the alarms/messages based on two time periods.

ProtWeb 2.0















„Export“: Export of the analyses into different Excel formats.


„Reports“: Generation of customer-specific reports via “SQL Server Reporting Services”.


PROTOS 2.0 analyses areas and businesses irrespective of the systems used.


Function expansions can be carried out fast without them having to be installed on each client computer.


All analyses and evaluations are possible for part systems and/or the entire system.


The user access to the database occurs using a modern user administration system.


The FrontEnd is suitable for use on mobile end terminals such as tablets or smartphones and is optimised for MS-IE V9.x or upwards.


The generation of the alarms and reports is possible via different interfaces (TCP/IP; OPC; serial).


PROTOS 2.0 features a parser, which parses the alarms/reports and breaks them down into individual elements.


Among others, they are broken down into the following elements:


- Date/time

- Channel (data source)

- Tagname/ measurement point tag

- Area, function, aggregate

- Alarm priority

- Alarm status

- etc.

The parser has a rules generator that enables individual adaption to suit the customer’s respective conditions.

PROTOS 2.0 Systemtopologie





















The parsed alarms/reports are transmitted into a SQL-DB by PROTOS 2.0.

If the SQL database is not available, the alarms/reports are buffered and recorded later.


To enhance performance the data is reorganised in the database cyclically.   



Four data sources can be connected to a PROTOS 2.0 DataServer.


The number of DataServers within a PROTOS 2.0 system is limited by the performance of the SQL-DB.


The number of clients that can be connected to the database is limited by the licensing or performance of the SQL server.


The implementation of the PROTOS 2.0 database is carried out on SQL servers (MS) owned by the customer.


It is also possible to record redundant alarms/messages.


The FrontEnd offers a language change-over that can be extended individually.


PROTOS 2.0 will be available for delivery from March 2015 onwards.  




Function and
Performance Features



- Manufacturer-independent archiving and analysis of alarms and messages

- No installation on the workstation PCs

- Extensive analyses and evaluations

- Detection of chattering alarms / flicker alarms

- Archiving of the user settings on logging out

- Data archiving in the SQL database

- Parser for PCS7* and Teleperm M*

- Parser expandable for other data sources

- Adaption of the alarm/report formats per rules generator

- Recording channels can be assigned alias names

- Monitoring of the DataServer via HW-Watchdog

- Optimised for MS Internet Explorer V9.x-11.x

- Modular system for companies of all sizes

- Language change-over expandable

- Can be used on mobile end terminals
  (Tablets and smartphones)




More information in PDF format and our product video:



PROTOS 2.0 Product video

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2018-07-11 ISO 9001:2015 implementation and certification

ISO 9001: 2015 - Successful System
conversion and recertification
by the DEKRA Certification GmbH.



2018-04-04 PROTOS 2.0 with new analyzing of the "Performance Level"

KPI- Analyzing of the Performance Level in relation to EEMUA 191 and ISA 18.2

PROTOS 2.0 Performance Level




2017-03-07 PROTOS 2.0 is ready for Marai-DB-Connectivity

The new version of PROTOS 2.0 supports new functionalities and the connectivity for Maria-DB to the customers.




2016-05-01 PROTOS 2.0 Update

Watch the following product video to get an full overwiew of the current PROTOS 2.0 features
PROTOS 2.0 Product video