Software & datbase development

The term "informatics" stands for the automatic, systematic processing of data.

The aim is to improve the level of automation and thus
increase the productivity and the quality. Our team of
software developers occupy themselves with the develop-
  ment of intelligent solutions in order to increase the efficiency of the value creation process.

We develop innovative, tailor-made applications with modern programming languages for our customers and partners. This approach secures the high quality of our software products and guarantees the fast integration into existing IT structures.

Our service portfolio:


-Individual & customised Software developmentSourcecode
 (high-level-language / web- languages)
-Development of data links
 to ERP/MES/PIMS/LIMS systems

-Proprietary Interface development
 (3rd-Party interfaces)
-AddOn development for PCS7/WinCC
-Database design and application


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